Terry Thirion

Studio: 2808 Park Rd.(appt. only)
Charlotte, NC 28209
Tel: 704-334-0800
Fax: 704-334-0220

Born in Belgium, Terry Thirion studied and graduated from the Parmentier school of design in Brussels Belgium. She attended the Arts Academie in Leuven Belgium, Broward Community College in S. Florida and Braitman Studios in Charlotte NC.

"My work relates to the various cultures that have shaped me as an individual and as an artist ­ my life here in the US including Brooklyn NY, South Florida and my formative years as a Flemish/Walloon in Belgium.

"The recurring theme in my paintings is Community and the push/pull of seeking its embrace while also avoiding its restrictions.

"It seems to be part of our nature to have this dichotomy between wanting to be alone and wanting to be connected. I attempt through my art to convey our relatedness as human beings but also our pull towards separateness.

I want to transport the viewer into my worlds and hope to evoke some emotion that leaves them thinking."

Terry's art can be seen at Red Sky Gallery on 1244 East Blvd, Charlotte N.C. 28203, info@redskygallery.com
See a sample of Terry Thirion's art currently offered at Red Sky Gallery